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When women benefit, the whole community benefits.

Who we are

International Women’s Development Agency is the only Australian development agency entirely focussed on gender equality and women’s rights in Asia and the Pacific.

Our vision

IWDA’s vision is for a just, equitable and sustainable world where women enjoy the full range of human rights, where women and men interact with dignity and respect, and where women have an effective voice in economic, cultural, civil and political systems and processes.

Our mission

IWDA works in partnership with women’s groups and advocates to create empowering and transformative change for women. Our pursuit of gender equality focusses on the following thematic priorities that directly work towards achieving women’s rights:

Our values:

  • Gender equality and empowerment of women
  • Respect and diversity
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Ethics and accountability

Our identity

We are deeply connected with the global women’s movement and the feminist history that informed the foundation of our organisation in 1985. Through local, national and international partnerships, alliances and networks, IWDA has consistently worked as a catalyst to accelerate change in our region.

As a secular, not-for-profit agency, we promote respectful relationships between men and women at all levels of society. We promote the rights of women as enshrined in key international conventions and resolutions.

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