International Women's Day Rally

Join us on March 8

Demand gender equality with us this International Women’s Day.

The global women’s marches in January brought together millions of diverse people with one thing in common: a demand for equality and respect. This International Women’s Day, the IWD Melbourne Collective is keeping up momentum with a rally. We are proud to join with thousands of marchers to demand gender equality.

We march in solidarity with our sisters across Asia Pacific and around the world, and we want you with us. If you believe in advancing and protecting the rights of diverse women and girls, raise your voice with us. Whether you’re marching alone or with friends, meet us outside Parliament House and together we will keep up the momentum started in January.

Read the IWD Melbourne Collective’s full list of demands on the event Facebook page.

Details: 5.30 pm, March 8 outside Parliament House.

Visit the IWD Melbourne Collective Facebook page for route details.

 Download and print our signs

Choose a message that’s most important to you. If the January marches taught us anything, it’s that the more signs, the better.

Click on the sign to download and print the PDF.

Sign reading "Equal rights for diverse women". Click to download a PDF. Poster reading "Gender Equality Now". Click here to download PDF poster to print. Image of poster reading "This is the gender revolution". Click here to download printable PDF. Image of a poster reading "This is what a feminist looks like". Click here to download PDF.

Or check out these signs from the January marches and get inspired to make your own.

Share these social media tiles to show your support

Image reading "Equal rights for diverse women" to download and share on social media for women's march. Image reading "Gender equality now" for download and share on social media for women's march. Image reading "This is the gender revolution" to download and share on social media. Image reading "This is what a feminist looks like" to download and share on social media.

Learn more about the day

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