Raise Funds

Raising funds is a powerful way to stand up for the rights of women in our region. By choosing to fundraise, you build awareness about women’s rights among your networks. You also generate income for IWDA to spend where it’s most effective.

Ready to stand up for women’s rights by raising funds? Here’s how:

1. Choose an activity

Take part in an organised event, or get creative and hold your own. Here are some ideas:

  • Join an organised sporting event to fundraise for IWDA
  • Organise a dinner party or trivia night as an IWDA fundraiser
  • Hold a fundraiser event to celebrate International Women’s Day
  • Let your friends know that you’d prefer donations to IWDA in lieu of birthday gifts

2. Contact us

Get in touch to let us know about your event and your fundraising goals. We can give you tips and support to help you achieve your goal of fundraising for women’s rights.

3. Choose a sponsorship method

Set up an online fundraising page with Everyday Hero or collect funds at your event. Indicate that you are fundraising for IWDA.

4. Start fundraising

Share your fundraising goal with friends and family via email and social media.

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