Women have an equal right to be heard and make decisions.

IWDA is committed to equal representation for women at all levels in civil and political life. Unequal representation is the norm all over the globe. Inequality persists within governments, political parties, businesses, academia, NGOs and social organisations. This is a denial of women’s human rights. It holds all of us back, as it limits the information and ideas that shape policies, laws and budgets.

Globally, women hold less than 22% of seats in national parliaments. As of January 2015, 10 women have served as heads of state and 15 as heads of government. This power imbalance cuts across all sectors in every country in the world.

Several countries in our region are new or emerging democracies. For countries like Fiji and Myanmar, a time of change is also a time of opportunity. When new governments form and societies shift, we have the chance to push women’s participation and demand lasting reforms.

IWDA works to break down barriers to women’s equal power. We collaborate on research to understand attitudes towards women in leadership, and amplify that knowledge to global networks and decision-makers. We also work to develop leadership and advocacy pathways for women young and old to increase the active incorporation of women’s views and ideas at all levels of decision-making.

IWDA’s partnerships promote equal civil and political participation for women across the Asia Pacific region.


Volunteer broadcast assistant Roma Ronika Chand, FemLINK, Fiji. Photo: Kristy Nowland
Volunteer broadcast assistant Roma Ronika Chand, FemLINK, Fiji. Photo: Kristy Nowland

Here are a few of our recent achievements


garment workers in Cambodia attended forums about their rights at work


people from Burma attended workshops on women’s rights, democratic governance and ending violence against women


copies of a young women’s guide to voting were distributed in six weeks prior to the 2014 Fiji elections

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