Where We Work

Founded in 1985, IWDA has worked in partnership with 195 women’s rights organisations and alliances across every continent except Antarctica.

Today, we focus on program partnerships with locally-based organisations in Asia Pacific. Our location in Australia means that we’re well-placed to support women in the Pacific and Southeast Asia. Being geographically close to our partners allows us to strengthen networks, share resources, sustain exchanges and support each other’s research and advocacy.

We build and strengthen alliances between women’s rights organisations across our region. We’re currently administering a regional program to support women’s leadership in the Pacific. The Pacific region has the lowest levels of women’s political participation in the world. In 2014, seeing the similarities between the issues facing women from Burma and Fiji, we brought women’s rights activists from both countries together to share knowledge, experiences and strategy.

In addition to our program partnerships, we also collaborate on research and actively contribute to national, regional and global networks and coalitions. By linking our program partnerships with research and advocacy initiatives, we create space for women’s voices to be heard and amplified.

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