Research matters. Proof is convincing. It’s harder for politicians and decision-makers to ignore human rights violations in the face of powerful evidence. It’s easier to push for women’s rights when you can show the barriers in women’s own words, along with the significant benefits for everyone when we remove those barriers.

That’s why we work to gather that evidence and bolster the case for action. IWDA conducts ground-breaking research that helps to reveal the barriers to women realising their rights in Asia Pacific. Particularly in the Pacific, there are significant gaps in what we know about women’s lives, discrimination and rights violations. Evidence helps us to learn, identify priorities, change policies and measure improvements.

And once the evidence is collected, the work doesn’t stop there. Evidence must be seen by politicians and other decision-makers with the power and responsibility to change policies, laws and budgets. It needs to reach other organisations help them learn and to inform their development work. IWDA uses research and evidence to promote ways to advance women’s rights to policy-makers. We also develop practical, evidence-based tools to support learning and change.

Connected to a global network of women’s rights agencies, we create space for women’s voices to be heard and amplified through networking, advocacy and research.

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